Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Rough draft is finished. I am exhausted, elated, worrisome, you name it. It's a heaping piece of shit and I kind of want to kick it around like a peasant child, but methinks there's hope in there. We'll see. It's a long ways off. The plan is to let it stew for (probably) the rest of the summer. Then once the leaves start falling, I'll dust it off and start the (massive) rewrite. Pretty much every sentence is going to get raped, but hey that's what it gets for walking the streets at night. I'm looking forward to writing some lighter fare and possibly even getting back into some open mics. Writing for stand-up is so so different from writing a novel that it's going to probably take a shift in attitude when I sit at the keyboard, but I do miss writing jokes. I'm a bit burnt out on writing hardcore shit so I'm definitely taking a break for a bit, but I have to fight the temptation to laze too long. One day very easily turns into one week without writing. If anything, I'm hoping to actually write in this blog on a regular basis to keep the fires stoked. In the meantime, stay classy kids.

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