Sunday, October 3, 2010

Part II

See this is why I would argue being a Bills fan is tougher than, say, being a Lions fan. Sure, the Lions probably lose more than the Bills, but they do it in a professional manner. They show up, get trounced and jog it out to the locker room. If you're a Lions fan, you can start watching other games, make some food or just go outside and throw the pigskin around at halftime and not really worry about getting back in time for the third. The game is usually over by then. And the game looked pretty much over already when Mark Sanchez zipped a play action pass to a wide open Braylon Edwards for a 17-0 Jet lead.

But of course the Bills couldn't just roll over and let the loss wash over them. Chan Gailey made the admittedly great call of going for it in the Wildcat formation. This prompts me to ask why we don't see a lot more of the Wildcat. Fred Jackson is the perfect fit for a Wildcat-running back QB...if that term makes sense. He's smart, quick, patient and can throw the ball. He made a great play to get that first down on the Bills side of the field. The call clearly lit a fire under the Bills offense as they marched right down for a TD and it's now 17-7 Jets at the half.

And there's the rub: This game is destined to end 27-14 Jets. Or something like that. The Jets will continue to pound the ball and wear the Bills D down while it's only going to take one Fitzpatrick INT or one too many three and outs for the Bills and that will be that. But at the half, the Bills are only down by ten. You cannot stop watching your team if it's only down ten at the half. Not even 17 really, but never ten. It's too close. The Bills are masterful at hanging around until they simply run out of time. Until then.

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