Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Fiction Writing Article

Love, love, love this article. Ten succinct rules for telling a story that go beyond the "follow your heart" BS you find most places, while still finding time to make some great points. My favorite quotes:

"The best writers are the ones who can cover the most distance with the fewest words."

"Write something that can feel like a memory, that, five or ten years from now, the reader might wonder if this was something they lived or something they read."

"Really, any scene that’s only getting across what’s happening on the surface of that scene—two guys loading boxes into a truck, say—then that scene’s dead. Instead, let those two men load boxes, but only one of them knows the other’s tranquilized pet is in one of the boxes. It changes everything, for the better."

And so on. Give it a read. It's a good 'un. Have a great weekend.

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