Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Note Cards Later

I may just have finished up the outline for two characters at work today. I try to make my downtime at work count for production, but writing here is near impossible. I mean, I'll be going and going then someone will send an email or call and like, expect me to work. Pfffft. So I find that daydreaming about my setting, adding little details here and there in my mind is nice, but as with anything that stays in my mind, it's a fickle unreliable exercise.

Today I sat down with a stack of index cards and every time I found a lull in my work I just jotted down a small synopsis of the next chapter for my characters until I got them all to a point where I'm satisfied. You'll never guess this, but *gasp* this shit's lining up for a sequel real quick. And I think some of the work I've done is already begging to be the beginning of that sequel. People, the sun is shining, the words are flowing and life aint just good. Dammit, it's great.

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